The New Chapter of Observability: Our Investment in Cribl

Over the past decade, enterprise infrastructure complexity dramatically increased, primarily driven by the rapid adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud architectures and the rise of distributed systems. As infrastructure complexity grew, log and machine data volume grew exponentially. IDC estimates that by 2025, enterprises will produce 175 ZB of data.

The observability market capitalized on this explosive growth becoming a massive market with a TAM of $35B and growing double-digit year-over-year. And while the market has been severely underpenetrated, existing vendors have already built enormous businesses; Datadog (DDOG) is valued at over $40B, Splunk (SPLK) at $25B, Dynatrace (DT) at $20B, and Elastic (ESTC) at $15B. These companies have substantial runway for continued growth as they introduce new products and offerings.

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