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Cribl is a company with a mission and a great story; we’d love to share it with you. Following are excerpts about us and our work that are authorized for reproduction. For further press inquiries, please contact us here.


Mission Statement

Unlock the value of all observability data.



Cribl is a company built to solve customer data challenges and enable customer choice. Our solutions deliver innovative and customizable controls to route observability data where it has the most value. Our solutions help slash costs, improve performance, and get the right data, to the right destinations, in the right formats, at the right time. Cribl helps you instrument everything, so you can analyze more and pay less.

Join the dozens of early adopters, including market leaders such as TransUnion and Autodesk, to take control and shape your data.

Founded in 2017, Cribl is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit or our LinkedIn, Twitter, or Slack community.



Clint Sharp, CEO / Co-Founder

Clint spent two decades leading product management and IT operations at technology and software companies, including Splunk and Cricket Communications. As a former practitioner, he has deep expertise in network issues, database administration, and security operations.

Dritan Bitincka, Head of Product / Co-Founder

Dritan has built a career of nearly 20 years as a customer-centric technical leader, having led and trained the Professional Services and BD Tech for AWS teams as a Principal Architect at Splunk. He has designed and implemented hundreds of deployments of large-scale multi-TB distributed systems.

Ledion Bitincka, CTO / Co-Founder

Ledion has over a decade of engineering experience developing next generation technologies and leading the launch of enterprise products. He was the Advanced Development Architect at Splunk where he introduced Search-Time Schema and led the design of Hunk and SmartStore.

Cribl LogStream
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Cribl LogStream Reduction
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Cribl LogStream Routing
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Cribl LogStream Replay
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AWS and Cribl
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Splunk and Cribl
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Google Chronicle and Cribl
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Elastic and Cribl
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