First Universal Streams Processing Engine Built for Logs

With the goal of simplifying data processing of the most challenging formats, Cribl LogStream provides the first universal streams processing engine built for logs. LogStream gives users full control over their data in motion to look-up, enrich, redact, encrypt, transform, or sample it before storage in a logging solution.

Logs are the definition of Big Data: high volume and velocity with high variety and variability in data formats and shapes. LogStream is a schema-less, universal log processing engine which can deal with dirty, messy data at massive scale while allowing fine-grained control for routing, security and enrichment.

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Cribl product routing


Multiple systems are a reality for enterprises when it comes to monitoring, security & observability. LogStream allows administrators to route their data to the best destination for the data while also making copies for other destinations.

Cribl product routing
Cribl encryption and hashing

Encryption & Hashing

Logs often contain sensitive information. LogStream provides a rich, intuitive experience allowing users to mask and encrypt sensitive information with role-based decryption.

Cribl ingestion-time enrichment

Ingestion-time Enrichment

Enrichment allows an organization to add additional context to their streaming data. LogStream allows for ingestion-time enrichment from DNS, Threat Intel Lists, AWS, your CMDB and more.

Cribl ingestion-time enrichment
Cribl product structure

Parsing Structured and
Unstructured Data

Log data comes in many formats and structures. LogStream allows you to easily parse any format, choose which fields are valuable, and output structured data back to your logging system or to any system which is looking for JSON, CSV, etc.

Cribl product transform


Developers often include way more information in logs than DevSecOps needs. LogStream allows administrators to easily transform overly verbose messages, stripping out unwanted fields and information.

Cribl product transform