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Cribl Concept: LogStream Packs

LogStream Packs provide a way for LogStream customers to distribute important pipelines, lookups, data samples, and knowledge objects across distributed LogStream Deployments. Packs reduce the overhead of building and sharing LogStream content by allowing users to install from a single source of truth.

Packs are more than just bundles of LogStream components, Packs are isolated and secure spaces for LogStream users to build, test, and share their work, whether within their own company or with the 2,000+ Cribl community members.

Packs are easily created and managed from the LogStream UI. Packs are essentially LogStream YAML files and some code for things like custom functions. Because of this, LogStream packs can be built and managed outside of LogStream such as in GitHub or your own version control system, making packs something that can be tied to anyone’s development processes.