Using Cribl Stream to Support Data Governance

Governing operations and security data is a persistent challenge for operations teams. Data sources are high volume, dynamic and volatile, making data governance a challenge for even the most proactive enterprises. Not knowing what’s in your data can expose your customers, or your enterprise, to significant security, audit, and compliance risk, including large fines if your data practices violate GDPR, PDP, or any other emerging privacy regulation.

Today’s data governance tooling isn’t built for multi-system or cloud-native observability, but we can bring governance to the observability pipeline, putting you back in control of all of your observability data.

In this on-demand webinar, learn 3 simple keys to empowering organizations with visibility and control over their operations and security data, completing the picture that traditional data governance tools such as data catalogs and process/policy software leave unfinished in the move to a cloud-native world.

We will go over:

  • Data Governance challenges typically encountered with distributed system
  • Real-world example of how complexity, if not addressed, grows exponentially
  • Three keys needed to bring strategic control of data back to distributed environments

Using Cribl Stream to Support Data Governance