Cribl Supports Multiple AWS Account Monitoring and Analytics with New Account Factory Customization

Michelle Zhang
Written by Michelle Zhang

November 28, 2022

Keeping with our mission of helping customers gain radical levels of choice and control with their observability data, we’re excited to announce full support for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account Factory Customization solution within AWS Control Tower console. Customers can now use AWS Control Tower to define account blueprints that scale their multi-account provisioning in a streamlined manner.

As part of this launch, Cribl Stream has been packaged into an automated reference deployment for key workloads on AWS which is now available in the AWS Solutions Library. Cribl Stream’s routing and shaping capabilities in its purpose-built observability pipeline allow customers to route data from any source to AWS Control Tower, then easily transit it to almost any destination, whether it be to an Amazon Simple Storage Solution (Amazon S3) bucket for long term retention or a log analytics platform. The ease of bringing together data from multiple AWS accounts with solution visibility in the customer’s AWS Partner Solutions repository simplifies customer experiences by helping them orchestrate multiple AWS products and services while maintaining security and compliance needs.

With data volumes growing and licensing costs rising year after year, it can be difficult to gain control over data routing, costs, and infrastructure. IT and security professionals must be able to analyze the widest set of data possible, giving them the ability to better monitor the security, performance, and general health of their environment. With Cribl Stream, customers can send the exact data their organization needs, in the precise format required, to the optimal location to leverage it most effectively, so they can take control of their observability data and future-proof their businesses.

AWS Control Tower

To learn more about Cribl Stream on AWS Control Tower with Account Factory Customization, visit Cribl at AWS re:Invent 2022 at Booth #3831. For more information, please visit cribl.io/aws-reinvent.  Ready to get started?  Learn how to deploy the Cribl Stream Partner Solution into a new AWS account leveraging Account Factory Customization in this how-to blog from AWS!


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