The Stream Life Episode 007 – Cribl Momentum and AppScope

Written by Abby Strong

February 24, 2021

In this episode of the Stream Life Podcast,  Abby and Clint are together again to give us an update on a brand-new adventure for Cribl – our first open-source log collector project called AppScope. Another first-principles-based innovation here at Cribl. AppScope is effectively a black box view into any Linux binary.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why AppScope is an industry-first tool.
  • How AppScope  is a log collector in addition to being an instrument to grab metrics and wire type of data.
  • How to contribute to Cribl AppScope

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AppScope Overview

Written by Bradley Chambers

March 15, 2022


Instrument, Collect, Observe
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The observability tool for operations & security teams

By and for operations and security teams versus development teams, AppScope aims to give operators the visibility they need into application behavior, metrics and events. There’s no need to ask developers to re-instrument code, no need to append side cars or log shippers; with AppScope just add scope to any Linux binary and you’ll start seeing the telemetry you need, in open formats, ready to Stream into your existing log and metric tools for downstream troubleshooting, alerting, and reporting.

Who Should Use AppScope?

On-Demand No Code Instrumentation

Launch an AppScope Sandbox

Launch AppScope in a cloud sandbox to try it today.

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