Raanan Dagan

During his many years at Cribl, Splunk, Cloudera, and Oracle he was part of multiple implementations of security, analytics, cloud, open-source, and IT use cases as well as big data and data lake projects in complex environments. Raanan is a global resource with 30 years of experience building large data clusters. He has helped thousands of customers, including some who ingest several hundred terabytes per day and store multiple petabytes of data.

Posts by Raanan Dagan

Better Practices for Connecting Cribl Stream to Many Splunk Indexers

Cribl Search Threat Hunting

Using Cribl Search to Aid in Threat Hunting by Enriching Data in Motion

Cribl Edge K8

Kubernetes + Cribl Edge: Because Logging and Metrics Shouldn’t Be a Mystery Novel!

Data Field Discovery and Exploration in Cribl Search

Cribl Persistent Queuing

How Does Persistent Queuing Work Inside Cribl Stream?

Cribl and GitOps: Go From Development to Production

Configure Cribl Stream to Avoid Data Loss With Persistent Queuing

Configure End-To-End Load Balancing in Cribl Stream

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