What’s New With Cribl.Cloud: Search, BYO IdP, AWS Marketplace, and More

Manish Bhaskar
Written by Manish Bhaskar

November 9, 2022

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Written by Felicia Dorng

November 9, 2022

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you probably got it because of fast and free shipping. And then you discovered your membership also lets you watch tv, movies, and even live sports through Prime Video. When Amazon acquired Whole Foods, your membership included grocery delivery in under 2 hours! The more I explore my Prime membership, the more I find new and exciting access to services I don’t have to sign up for.

That’s pretty much how the Cribl.Cloud platform works too. Once you sign up, you get immediate access to ALL Cribl products: Stream, Edge, and the newly released Cribl Search. Plus all future products and new services, without having to roll out new deployments. That’s the best part: there’s no need to shoulder the burden or costs of running infrastructure. Cloud customers get to use a highly secure and resilient service that seamlessly scales as data shaping requirements grow.

Christmas came early with the Cribl.Cloud release. We’re excited to share all the latest features so grab your cider and check out what’s new:

Cribl Search 🔍

Cribl Search is now generally available through Cribl.Cloud. This new product allows you to access, search, and explore your data, at the source. We know that observability data lives everywhere, not just in analytics or logging systems, and you need a cost-effective way to explore all that data. With the Cribl Search 1.0 release, you’re able to query data at rest, at the edge, and AWS S3. No need to bring data back in or store it in local storage.

If you’re an existing Cribl.Cloud user, you already have access to Search and can start your first search in minutes! No new deployment, just immediate visibility, and exploration of your data. Learn more about Cribl Search in our upcoming webinar.

Federated Authentication 🔓

Federated Authentication is key to easy, secure user onboarding and management. Cribl.Cloud now integrates with any organization’s existing authentication system, so you can use your own trusted enterprise identity provider (IDP) via OpenID Connect (OIDC) or Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication.

For IT teams, this provides enhanced security and centralized user and access management, eliminating the hassle of provisioning local accounts for new users. For users, they get a smooth sign-on experience and are able to get up and running with Cribl.Cloud immediately.

Cribl.Cloud Login

AWS Marketplace 🛒

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog where people can discover, purchase, and deploy software solutions on AWS. Cribl.Cloud is now listed as an observability solution on AWS Marketplace, making it easier than ever for organizations to gain control over their data. Getting started is quick and easy — AWS customers can use their spend commitments (Enterprise Discount Program) to subscribe to the Cribl.Cloud suite and easily track billing and usage directly on AWS Marketplace and the Cribl.Cloud portal.

Learn more about Cribl solutions on AWS.

Persistent Queues in Cloud ⏳☁️

Customers using Stream Cloud with an Enterprise license have asked to persist events if a destination is unavailable. Ask and you shall receive! With the Fall Cribl.Cloud release, cloud-hosted queuing for sources and destinations means no losing events when a destination becomes unavailable temporarily or if there is back pressure on the source. Persistent queues come with 500MB per source-destination pair in each worker process and provide durability by writing data to disk for the duration of the outage, and forwarding it upon recovery.

We’re excited for our customers to try these new features. If you’re new to Cribl and to the concept of an Observability Pipeline, try our Sandbox. You can see how easy it is to take control of your logging and metrics infrastructure, to improve system performance, slash costs, and route observability data into the destinations that matter most. Get started with a free Cribl.Cloud trial and process up to 1TB/day at no cost!

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