Cribl.Cloud Summer 2022 Release Helps You Be Even More Proud of Your Cloud

Manish Bhaskar
Written by Manish Bhaskar

June 29, 2022

Cribl.Cloud’s Summer 2022 release is now available in an AWS cloud near you! As part of this release, we are excited to share the features we have been building, including the latest Cribl product releases (Stream 3.5 and Edge 3.5). This release brings some much-requested features that will help customers increase their compliance, reduce overall costs, and deploy a more resilient observability data pipeline.

Multi–AWS Region Availability

At Cribl, it’s always customers first, and we’re excited to announce a new deployment option to meet many customers’ expressed needs. Cribl.Cloud users can now choose one of two Regions on signup: AWS US-West (Oregon), or AWS US-East (Virginia). This option helps customers support their Region affinity, increase their regulatory compliance, reduce data latency to and from their applications, and reduce data transfer costs.

Region selection will be available to new accounts on all license tiers, at no additional cost. Customers will continue to get the same industry-leading service, support, and SLA in both Regions. For now, all customer deployments will be co-located in a single Region of choice. Currently, Cribl does not support distributed deployments across Regions.

Cribl Cloud Region Selection

Hybrid Workers’ Advanced Capabilities

The Cribl.Cloud control plane will now support a few new advanced capabilities on hybrid Workers (on-premises instances installed and managed by customers):

  • Persistent Queuing (PQ): Users can now enable PQ on Sources and/or Destinations, providing seamless data processing. No more data loss or excessive retries due to processing or destination lag.
  • Scripting Support: (built-in Code Function, custom functions, source scripting, and API) Offers customers the ability to execute custom code/scripts that they own. This feature enables customers to shape and enrich data during ingest and processing, over and above Stream’s rich set of native capabilities.
  • Filesystem read-write gives hybrid Workers direct access to the local filesystem on which they are deployed.

Key Data-Format Support on Default Ports

Ingest data from Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Windows Event Forwarders, and OTEL (Open Telemetry) on default ports, on all Workers (Cribl-managed and hybrid). Kinesis Firehose is available on port 443, Windows Events on port 5698, and OTEL on port 4317.

These default port assignments help you avoid customizations, saving time and maintenance overhead. They also free up each Cribl.Cloud Organization’s 10 customizable ports (20000–20010) to ingest nonstandard data types.

Summary of Cribl.Cloud Summer 2022 Release

We’re excited to get these upgrades and enhancements into the hands of our customers. If you’re new to Stream, and to the concept of an Observability Pipeline, we encourage you to try our Sandbox. It immerses you in a full version of Stream on Cribl.Cloud, with preconfigured data flows. You can see how easy it is to take control of your logging and metrics infrastructure, to improve system performance, slash costs, and route observability data into the destinations that matter most. When you’re ready, create a free Cribl.Cloud account to get started streaming today.

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