OH: OverHerd, Episode 1

Written by Rachel "pie" Perkins

June 4, 2021

Welcome to OverHerd, a blog series chronicling the amusements (and occasional deep thoughts hidden within) of the Cribl Community Slack. Our Community Slack is usually hopping with questions, answers, and discussion, but there’s a lot of ridiculousness in the mix, and we like it that way 🙂 

Random Slack Cribl LogStream

Note: Slack profiles have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent 🙂 


Batman is now LogStream certified

But if Clint, Dritan, and Ledion are Batman, who is Alfred? 

Batman Cribl Community Slack LogStream

Trying to enable your boot-start for you because we love you

LogStream is always fighting for the user 🙂

Splunk Cribl Community Slack LogStream Boot


Are you saying we need rowdier User Group meetings?

I guess rolling a d20 at swag raffle time isn’t exciting enough for some people 😉


Always thinking of the future

That sounds more hopeful than it probably should…

robots lasers community on alert

See you next time! Until then, join us on the Cribl Community Slack!

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