Advancing Observability: Cribl Search and New Product Enhancements Available Today

Written by Clint Sharp

November 9, 2022

Product launch day is our favorite here at Cribl. It’s the culmination of hard work from our entire team and, better yet, the first time our customers get their hands on our latest innovations. And today is a big one. Our newest product, Cribl Search, is now generally available on Cribl.Cloud. Cribl Search is the industry’s first search-in-place query tool, and we built it so that security and IT teams can keep up with the explosion of telemetry data and eliminate blind spots in data operations without slowing the productivity of their limited resources. We’ve also released several other product enhancements to the rest of the Cribl Suite, including a streamlined user experience across all of our products and fleet management enhancements to simplify management of tens of thousands of distributed edge nodes. Like everything we do, these releases reflect our customers first approach by complementing customers’ existing investments and further delivering on our promise to unlock the value of all observability data.

At the most fundamental level, Cribl exists to solve the biggest problems our customers are facing today. One thing we consistently hear from customers is that data is everywhere. And while data is growing at a 25% compound annual growth rate, security and IT budgets are not. The technology that worked for the past decade will not work for the next decade. At Cribl, we are addressing these challenges and empowering enterprises with choice and control over their data.

That’s why we built Cribl Search, a bold new approach to solving the problem of analyzing massive amounts of data. By querying at the point of origin, Cribl Search enables enterprises to query greater quantities of data and increases the scope of their analysis while avoiding additional ingestion and storage costs. We’re advancing beyond the legacy model of moving data before it is analyzed and giving our customers the control to identify high value data no matter where it resides and move it to any existing tools for specialized analytics or investigations only as needed. Cribl Search is cloud native, elastically scalable, and the infrastructure only runs while queries are processed. In the latest episode of our Stream Life Podcast, we go more in depth about the benefits of decoupling the processing of data from the storage of data, especially for customers using an observability lake.

We’ve also released enhancements to the entire Cribl Suite to deliver even more value to our customers. Cribl Stream now features additional analysis and troubleshooting capabilities with Pipeline Profiling and DB collector enhancements. Cribl Edge now offers increased ability to collect and process edge data at scale, and integration with AppScope so users can get even more useful information from their applications. And we’ve unified the Cribl suite UI with a single, streamlined interface for Cribl Stream, Cribl Edge, and Cribl Search for easier usability and manageability.

These releases were built with our first principles-based approach to innovation. At Cribl, we seek to understand the problem before building a solution. We break down the problems that customers are experiencing to the core fundamentals, investigate why those problems are not being solved by existing solutions in the market, and then we go build a solution with this unique perspective. When we first started Cribl, we identified the need for a streams processing engine for logs and metrics, and it turns out that has been validated by the market. We then released Cribl Edge, which allows the management of fleets of thousands of agents and pushes processing to the origination point. As we turn to the Search market, we’ve identified the need for a query experience that spans multiple backends and decouples data storage from query.

But we don’t stop there. Innovation is an iterative process. We continually seek feedback from our customers and the market, quickly iterate our solution, and stay focused on delivering value to customers as quickly as possible. All of our products are complementary to customers’ existing tools and investments. We don’t seek to rip and replace. Rather, we seek to provide value to our customers, no matter what tools and solutions they have in place today.

Part of what makes Cribl such a successful company is our continual innovation and building a culture of shipping. My co-founders Ledion Bitincka and Dritan Bitincka lead C021, an organization designed to incubate new Cribl products and set us up for success over the long term. Cribl Search is the most recent effort led by C021, following successful efforts with Cribl.Cloud and Cribl Edge. Our team will continue to address the needs of current and future customers by bringing first principles-based innovation to the observability and security market.

Cribl products give customers the power of choice and free customers from vendor lock-in. Our unique vision for observability is validated by many of the world’s leading companies who standardize on Cribl as their observability architecture. Our first principles approach to innovation and customers first mindset is the guiding light for everything that we do. We’re excited to get these latest innovations in the hands of our customers and we look forward to all that we will accomplish together in the future.

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