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Living the Stream

The Cribl blog covers Observability, Big Data Analytics, Data Streams Processing... and anything else we feel like writing about!

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StreamLife podcast

Abby Strong Jan 11, 2021

The Stream Life Episode 004: Why build a LogStream Cloud

In episodes one and two, we dove into why Cribl exists and how LogStream fits into the Observability ecosystem. Now we have Clint back again to give us an update on the availability of LogStream Cloud. What You’ll Learn Why observability in the cloud is an option The difference in LogStream Standard versus Enterprise How LogStream Cloud simplifies […]

Abby Strong Dec 14, 2020

The Stream Life Episode 003: Looking at Observability with former Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker

In this episode, we are starting to talk about the shift from isolated monitoring applications to holistic observability and the machine learning data pipeline. This discussion with former Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker is the beginning of an ongoing topic which we will continue to discuss in future episodes so stay tuned for more! What You’ll […]

Cribl podcast

Abby Strong Nov 16, 2020

The Stream Life Episode 002: How does Cribl fit into the Observability ecosystem?

Observability is the ability to create a view into systems so you can monitor their state from outside the system itself – or in other words, the ability to answer questions you may not have planned for in advance – everything from “What did this user do yesterday?” to “how did the application perform?” and […]

LogStream Sandbox

Learn about the features of Cribl LogStream in our interactive sandboxes!