RSA Conference 2022 Recap: Security Industry Trends Toward Automation and Simplification

Written by Ed Bailey

June 27, 2022

It was amazing to be in San Francisco for the 2022 RSA Conference! The weather was clear and cool and the city was alive with people talking about technology and security. The Cribl team was out in force to help technology professionals solve problems and optimize costs around integrating security data from their applications and infrastructure into their security and data analytics platforms. The struggle is real and pain is widespread and Cribl is here to help companies improve their security posture while optimizing their costs and getting the most out of existing engineering time.

RSA Conference Summary

  • Companies are struggling to scale security operations to manage modern security threats
  • Joint talk with Exabeam and Transunion to share how we delivered customer value
  • Cribl celebrated with prospects, customers, and partners in style

RSA Conference

Security Industry Trends Toward Automation and Simplification

The most powerful trend you could see everywhere from keynotes to the vendor floor was the push to automate work and simplify workflows and architectures. Security teams are getting hit with unceasing threats with one major problem after another grinding down teams and limiting effectiveness. Security leaders know they have to get more done with existing staff and automation is the only answer. Cribl plays a key role by automating data collection, transformation, and delivery to help security platforms make the right decisions faster with less stress on staff while optimizing cost management.

We learned so much from attendees who stopped by the booth to ask how Cribl could help them solve problems. Attendees shared stories of struggle, the avalanche of challenges, and how they need help. How do security teams consume and process more and more data yet still maintain quality, stay efficient, and stay within budget? It is a conundrum almost every security team faces and Cribl is here to help.

Better Together With Cribl and Exabeam

RSA Conference with Cribl and Exabeam

I had the privilege to give a talk at this year’s RSA Conference with Exabeam’s Justin Des Lauriers and Transunion’s Don Rielly. Jason and I talked about how Cribl and Exabeam worked together to integrate Exabeam into a mature Splunk shop in weeks instead of months to get Transunion fast time to value from its investment in Exabeam. We configured Cribl Stream to fork select data to a custom pipeline that transformed Splunk events to Exabeam’s native format to make sure Exabeam received the right data in the right format. Cribl’s ability to manage observability data as code made the work fast and repeatable. Don talked about how Exabeam Fusion SIEM platform boosted Transunion’s UEBA capability to give its security team enhanced capabilities to detect and respond to threats. Cribl gave Transunion’s security team the choice to use the tools it wanted and the control to integrate data and get value quickly.

Celebrating With Your Prospects and Customers!

Cribl Geek Easy at RSA

Cribl hosted a fantastic RSA Conference “Geek-Easy” happy hour at Local Edition. It was the perfect venue to relax after a long day talking with prospects and customers. Great drink and food with fun video games.

Celebrating With Partners at RSA Conference!

Incubus Concert

Cribl teamed up with SentinelOne, Armis, and Torq to host FOMO with special guests Incubus. It was a celebration of fun and great music.

Bottom Line on RSA Conference

RSA Conference 2022 was an amazing experience and we want to thank all the prospects, customers and partners who stopped by the Cribl booth to talk and share experiences. We were thrilled to talk about how Cribl could help solve problems fast and help security engineers project their organizations. We cannot wait to see you next year–or sooner at Black Hat!

Ready to go deeper on Cribl’s problem-solving solutions? Try Cribl’s hosted Sandbox with sample data to get started. I’d love to hear your feedback; after you run through the sandbox, connect with me on LinkedIn, or join our community Slack and let’s talk about your experience!


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