Security Teams Are Struggling, and Cribl Is Here to Help

Written by Nick Heudecker

June 1, 2022

Many cybersecurity teams are drinking from multiple firehoses without solutions in place to deal with the onslaught of data. And with 70 percent of companies experiencing over one hundred attacks each day, it’s not slowing down. Teams are overwhelmed with data from multiple sources and formats with continuous requests to pull in more and more. Security teams trying to dig through a mountain of noisy, low-quality data to detect breaches, hunt for new threats, and respond when a breach does occur. Moreover, with multiple security tools deployed, sharing information across tools is functionally impossible. A new approach is needed.

Cribl’s approach to open observability allows cybersecurity teams to easily ingest, enrich, and redact data from across their security landscape, ensuring teams never miss critical signals in a sea of noisy and high-volume data.

Key Features of the Cribl Suite for Security Teams

  • Use Cribl Stream’s data filtering to boost your data’s signal, then increase the value of what you choose to keep by enriching it with context – automatically adding related data from external sources – all in real-time.
  • Enrich your data with third-party sources like GeoIP and known threats databases before it even gets into your logging and SIEM platforms. Provide greater context to your organization, and enable a deeper, more actionable response to your security and observability data.
  • Eliminate duplicate fields, null values, and any elements that provide little analytical value. Filter and screen events for dynamic sampling, or convert log data into metrics for access to massive volume reduction, leading to better performance and cost savings.
  • Use Stream to park full-fidelity data in low-cost storage, according to each customer’s unique retention policies and industry standards. When a threat is detected, Stream can efficiently replay that security data from object storage to any SIEM or UEBA system.

As part of our strategy to help security teams, we are excited to announce that we’ve achieved our SOC 2 certification! SOC 2 standards are established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and address security controls such as organization and management, monitoring of controls, communications, risk management, and more. The Type II evaluation means customers who are using the Cribl Suite to collect, enrich, distribute, and search their observability and cybersecurity data can feel confident in the secure design and operating effectiveness of our products as they’ve gone through a rigorous security verification process.

Some cybersecurity teams are already relying on observability practices and tooling to gain new insights. According to ESG’s “Observability from Code to Cloud” survey, 41% of respondents are using observability tooling to improve their security and help with vulnerability detection and impact analysis. Fifty-two percent of respondents found observability solutions improved their ability to detect security-related signals in observability data.

By implementing Cribl’s solutions, cybersecurity teams will simplify data management, enhances threat hunting, and improves the ability to recover from attacks. You’ll have better visibility across SecOps by taking control of your data with Cribl’s radical levels of choice and control.

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