The Future of Tech: Exploring AI/ML and ChatGPT

Written by Ed Bailey

February 9, 2023

You don’t often see real change, but when you do see it you know it. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning toolsets like ChatGPT are finally starting to offer broad capabilities that will benefit a mass audience. These tools are moving out of the domain of data scientists and math nerds and into mass markets with a little bit for everyone. The potential reach is awesome and a little scary. A framework like ChatGPT offers coding assistance for developers, research assistance for writers, and fast answers to everyday questions for anyone.

I recently did a live stream with Steve Koelpin to discuss ChatGPT and practical ways it can help people solve everyday problems. We had a great discussion about ChatGPT use cases and what limitations to keep in mind with this class of tooling. Steve did a great job with a running demo as we talked about options and made some jokes. I’m interested to see how ChatGPT continue to spur competition as other companies offer rival tool sets. You can watch it below on our YouTube page, or listen by subscribing to our podcast.

I’d love to hear your feedback on AI/ML tools like ChatGPT. How do you think something like ChatGPT will change your everyday life? Connect with me on LinkedIn or join our community Slack, and let’s talk!

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