Unleash Your Security Data Superpowers with Cribl at RSA Conference 2023

Written by Bradley Chambers

April 19, 2023

Security teams face the constant challenge of keeping up with growing data volumes while detecting breaches, hunting threats, and responding swiftly. At this year’s RSAC, Cribl is here to help you regain control over your data and future-proof your business. Join us at Booth #0326 and discover how Cribl empowers its customers to:

  • Bring in data from disparate sources and normalize it on ingest
  • Eliminate duplicate fields, null values, and low-value data, and filter and screen events for dynamic sampling
  • Cut down the noise and increase the value of your security data
  • Enrich data with third-party sources like GeoIP and known threat databases for greater context and deeper insight

Let’s dive into the exciting events and offerings Cribl has lined up for RSA Conference 2023!

Speaking Engagements

Accelerate Threat Hunting with Unified Network and Endpoint Data: CrowdStrike, Corelight, and Cribl with Jackie McGuire, Senior Market Strategy Manager

Thursday, April 27, 1:30 PM PT | CrowdStrike booth #6144

To efficiently hunt threats and protect their organization’s assets, security teams must achieve unified visibility across network and endpoint data. With the combined power of CrowdStrike, Corelight, and Cribl, this is now a reality.

Join Jackie McGuire, Cribl’s Senior Market Strategy Manager, at CrowdStrike’s booth #6144 on Thursday, April 27 at 1:30 PM PT for a compelling presentation on accelerating threat hunting through the integration of network and endpoint data.

In this session, you’ll discover how to harness the combined power of CrowdStrike, Corelight, and Cribl to bolster your organization’s security operations, including::

  1. The importance of unified visibility: Gain insights into the critical role of unified visibility in modern security operations and how it enables teams to effectively detect and respond to threats.
  2. Integrating network and endpoint data: Explore how the integration of network data from Corelight and endpoint data from CrowdStrike can provide comprehensive visibility, allowing security teams to swiftly identify and address potential risks.
  3. Streamlining security operations with Cribl: Understand how Cribl’s data processing capabilities can further optimize and enhance the value of your network and endpoint data, resulting in streamlined security operations and more efficient threat hunting.
  4. Real-life use cases: Dive into real-life examples of how organizations have successfully utilized the combined power of CrowdStrike, Corelight, and Cribl to strengthen their security posture and protect their digital assets.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts as they share how the integration of CrowdStrike, Corelight, and Cribl can revolutionize your organization’s approach to threat hunting and keep you one step ahead of cyber threats.

Calling All Security Heroes: Maximizing Data Visibility with Cribl and Elastic with Desi Gavis-Hughson, Manager, Solutions Marketing

Tuesday, April 25, 2:00 PM PT | Elastic booth #5879

The best security teams possess two essential superpowers: unrivaled data visibility and an efficient Security Operations Center (SOC). In an age where security threats are constantly evolving, these teams need cutting-edge tools to stay ahead of the game. Cribl and Elastic have joined forces to provide a unique solution that transforms enormous volumes of noisy security data into effectively routed, optimized logs and metrics that can be easily operationalized.

At RSAC, join Cribl’s Desi Gavis-Hughson in Elastic’s booth, where we’ll do a deep dive into how our joint solution empowers security teams to excel in multiple areas:

  1. Route data from any source to any destination: Our joint solution allows you to easily route data from a wide range of sources to any destination, significantly increasing data visibility and improving your overall security posture. This flexibility ensures that your security team can access the information they need, exactly when they need it.
  2. Process and optimize data in flight: With the combined power of Cribl and Elastic, you can efficiently process and optimize data in real-time as it moves through your systems. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and resource-intensive data pipelining, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks like threat detection and response.
  3. Enrich data for more context and better analyst investigations: By integrating additional context into your security data, our joint solution enables your analysts to conduct more in-depth investigations. By leveraging third-party sources such as GeoIP and known threat databases, your team can gain deeper insights into potential threats and respond more effectively.
  4. Achieve operational efficiency to address agent overload: Security teams often struggle with agent overload due to the sheer volume of data they must process. Our joint solution helps alleviate this challenge by optimizing data and streamlining workflows, allowing your team to work more efficiently and respond to threats faster.

You’ll leave the session with a deeper understanding of how the powerful combination of Cribl and Elastic can help your security team unleash their full potential.

Enrichment at Scale: Contextual Threat Detection with Streaming Intelligence Pipelines with Jackie McGuire and Zach Rayburn, Product Solution Engineer

Tuesday, April 25th, 4:30 – 6:00 PM PT | DarkArts Village

An IP without context is just a number, so this hands-on workshop, Jackie McGuire and Zach Rayburn will walk through the development and deployment of a Docker-based threat intelligence enrichment pipeline, which will add critical context to firewall data, including geographic location, as well as flagging potentially bad actors. With the help of a free Cribl.Cloud account, Redis, and OpenSearch, you’ll be able to enrich data in near-real time for faster detections.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to unleash your inner data superhero with Cribl at RSAC 2023. See you there!


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