Why we believe diversity, equity, and inclusion is good for Cribl and our customers

Written by Ann Heaps

June 18, 2021

Cribl was born of an age where diversity and inclusion were top of mind for our founders from the beginning. From the onboarding of our first employees, we wanted diversity, equity, and inclusion to be among the essential values in our culture. We believe that this helps drive innovation, and that’s ultimately good for our customers. This aligns with our core value of customers first, always. 

At Cribl, we’re building a culture where differences are valued and welcomed. We’re starting at the top of our organizational chart as well. Nearly 25% of our executive team and 20% of our board of directors identify as women. Across the company, 20-29% of employees identify as women.

We are a remote-first company which opens us up to hiring talent across the country, so if our employees need to live in an area outside of the Bay Area to assist with caring for family members, move for a spouse’s job, or just prefer a different region – they can still be a part of Cribl. We believe that by opening up hiring opportunities around the US, we can offer more opportunities to a more diverse workforce.

Additionally, we offer flexible working hours and floating holidays, allowing employees to celebrate their own preferred holidays. We also offer parental leave for both parents, either birth or adoption of children. 

To ensure diversity, equity and inclusion remain top of mind for Cribl as we grow, we’ve set up a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative that ensures we are thoughtful, considerate, and supportive of our employees and our communities. 

As we consider what Juneteenth means in 2021 and celebrate Pride Month, we believe that we’re on the right track to building a more inclusive organization for everyone inside and outside of Cribl.

If this sounds like somewhere you’d like to be, we’re hiring for several roles and would love to chat with you! Check out our current openings on our careers page.


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