Cribl Guide

Data Compliance

Retaining observability data is crucial for compliance, and unforeseen investigations. However, storing this data, especially within analytics tools, can be financially draining. Cribl simplifies the process of managing data, ensuring that you have the right events, in the right place, at the right time, all while keeping your data within reach. Send full fidelity log data to Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage, filesystems, or any Amazon S3 compatible object store with the ability to “play back” data, validating issues and extracting reports across extensive timeframes with ease and precision.
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See it in Action

This video will show you how to leverage Cribl Stream to retain, manage, and access your data for compliance and auditing. You will discover how to transmit high-fidelity logs to AWS S3 and master the Replay feature to retrieve and route specific data subsets back to your analytics tools, ensuring a robust and compliant data management strategy.

Try it Out

Customers like The Gap, iHerb, and Circle K are using Cribl to affordably meet compliance mandates and pull data for monthly audits. See if Cribl will work for you, too! Try it out in one of our Sandboxes.

Configure an S3 archive to store data for future use. 

Collect archived data from an S3 instance using Replay.