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Cribl Deployment Health Check


A Cribl Deployment Health Check is a thorough evaluation of the health and efficiency of your Cribl deployment. This assessment covers various aspects, starting with a review of the system architecture, including the deployment of Cribl components and how they interact within the environment. It also examines existing data flows by analyzing data sources, destinations, routes, and pipelines, aiming to pinpoint any possible bottlenecks or inefficiencies. Additionally, performance metrics are examined to gauge system responsiveness and identify areas that could benefit from optimization.

The findings in the Deployment Health Check serve as a basis for delivering actionable recommendations focused on enhancing the overall health and performance of your Cribl deployment. These recommendations are derived from best practices and aim to provide valuable insights. By implementing these recommendations, you can optimize your Cribl deployment, enhance data pipeline performance, and ensure seamless data processing operations.

How It Works

Cribl will provide the service activities described in the Health Check Scope. Our remote Deployment Health Check begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current deployment through a screen-sharing session and will follow with a review of the components in your system and interviews with your team to gather information about your system. Your Cribl advisor will also run tools to gather your Cribl configuration settings for further inspection. Subsequently, your advisor will thoroughly review the data collected and provide you with a detailed health report.

If not mutually agreed upon in writing, the start date for the Deployment Health Check will be within one (1) week of Cribl’s acceptance of the Customer’s purchase order for the Deployment Health Check. The parties will determine a suitable schedule to perform the Deployment Health Check after their first meeting.

Health Check Scope

The health check scope includes a review of the following components:

  • System Architecture
  • Ingest and Egress Capacity
  • Source Configuration
  • Destination Configuration
  • Data Routing Optimization
  • Pipeline Configurations
  • Logging Errors
  • Version Features
  • Networking Configuration
  • Performance Metrics

Terms and Conditions

Cribl, or an authorized partner, will provide the services as described in this Service Brief and subject to the applicable Order Form and Subscription Services Agreement, or other applicable agreement in place between Cribl and the Customer.

Out of Scope

The following items are out of scope:

  • Modification, installation, or maintenance of customer hardware including systems and network equipment
  • Modification, installation, or maintenance of Cribl products or services
  • Resolution of any items identified in the Health Check report
  • Any services or activities other than those explicitly specified in this Service Brief

Service Expiration

The Customer has a period of ninety (90) days starting on the start date of the Deployment Health Check to schedule and utilize the Deployment Health Check Service Brief (“Service Period”). Unless approved by Cribl, the Service will terminate automatically at the conclusion of the ninety-day period. Any unused portion of the Deployment Health Check is non-refundable and non-creditable. Cribl may deliver Deployment Health Check after the end of the Service Period if the Customer provides written notice at least thirty (30) days before the end of the Service Period and Cribl agrees to provide the Deployment Health Check after the end of the Service Period.


To ensure delivery of the Deployment Health Check as described in this Service Brief, the customer must:

  • Provide reasonable assistance
  • Provide reasonable access and engagement with appropriate teams
  • Provide a Cribl Diag from the Cribl Leader node as requested

Scheduled Meetings

Cribl may perform the services described in this Service Brief during mutually agreed upon scheduled meetings with Customer. Customer agrees to provide at least forty eight (48) hours’ prior written notice to cancel, reschedule, or otherwise change the length of a scheduled meeting. If Customer fails to provide such notice, Cribl may charge customer for the full price of the originally scheduled meeting.

Why invest in a Cribl Deployment Health Check?
Have peace of mind knowing your Cribl deployment is performing at peak efficiency— without any interruptions or surprises.
PS-HC – $3,000

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