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Cribl Expands LogStream Cloud to Unlock Power of Observability Data for World’s Largest and Most Distributed Organizations

“First of its kind” cloud service advances company’s vision of creating an “Open Ecosystem for Data” by offering a simple, secure way to manage globally distributed observability data

  • LogStream Cloud now enables organizations to centrally manage, configure, monitor, and orchestrate observability infrastructure deployed anywhere in the world.
  • Edge-focused deployment model provides near infinite capacity to process metric, log, and trace data in real-time by moving telemetry streams processing close to the source, ensuring greater data privacy and security.
  • LogStream’s QuickConnect provides point-and-click configuration that allows users to quickly connect any data source to multiple destinations, radically simplifying complex configuration of even the largest deployments.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cribl, the leading Observability Pipeline company, today announced the industry’s first cloud-managed edge architecture for observability pipelines with the release of LogStream Cloud Enterprise Edition. Starting October 18th, LogStream Cloud customers with globally distributed organizations can scale their observability infrastructure to secure, manage, and process nearly an infinite amount of event data in real time from a single cloud interface regardless of where the data is generated.

The surge in remote work, increasing frequency and complexity of security attacks, and heightened privacy and compliance requirements are causing a massive proliferation of machine-generated data. Companies are now tasked with trying to collect and process as much of this data as possible without racking up huge costs or increasing complexity, all while optimizing tool usage. Some vendors have introduced cloud-based solutions to try and solve this issue, but they often lack flexibility, don’t scale, and contain hidden transit costs and security concerns.

“The problem that large, highly distributed organizations face is how to not only collect and process a massive amount of disparate telemetry data from around the world in real time, but how to keep that data secure at the same time,” stated Cribl CEO Clint Sharp. “LogStream Cloud now solves that problem by moving data processing to the edge and centralizing all observability data management in the cloud, all while leveraging Cribl’s open architecture which allows companies the freedom to choose their own analytics tools and storage destinations without fear of vendor lock-in. This provides greater scalability and security, and will allow even the biggest global enterprises to tap into the power of all their observability data — perhaps for the first time.”

LogStream Cloud creates a cloud-managed observability infrastructure by implementing an architecture that separates the configuration, management, control, and policy enforcement from the processing of local data and only exchanges control information with local processing nodes through cryptographically secured, zero-trust tunnels. Processing nodes operate on data locally, preventing private data from ever leaving the control and premises of the data owner.

Cribl’s latest release also introduces a new capability called LogStream QuickConnect, a point-and-click configuration tool that allows users to easily and quickly connect any data source to multiple destinations, including popular tools such as Syslog, Elastic, and Splunk, as well as emerging standards like OpenTelemetry. QuickConnect is available with both LogStream and LogStream Cloud.
The LogStream Cloud enhancements will be available October 18th and LogStream QuickConnect within the next 30 days. For additional information, please visit the Cribl blog.

Buddy Brewer, New Relic GVP & GM

“Today’s enterprises face an overwhelming amount of technological complexity –a web of data, apps and services that make it difficult to understand what’s happening in your tech stack on a good day, and impossible to fix when things go wrong. It’s not enough to check all the boxes. With the pace of software development, businesses are finding that they can’t instrument fast enough to keep up,” said New Relic GVP & GM Buddy Brewer. “Cribl allows our customers to connect, parse and route any type of data right from New Relic One, to simplify observability workflows and improve time to value. Together, we’re looking forward to joining forces in order to make observability a data-driven daily practice for millions of engineers.”

Chris DePuy, Technology Analyst and Founder of 650 Group

“We are encouraged by Cribl’s Logstream announcements because they make it easier to use and more scalable. By enabling cloud management of LogStream, Cribl is following the broad industry trend of moving valuable software systems to the Cloud. Also, by offering cloud management, Cribl allows its customers to store and process their data where they want,” said Chris DePuy, Technology Analyst and Founder of 650 Group. “We expect that LogStream Cloud will allow customers to more confidently deploy LogStream to meet their unique regulatory, privacy, and Cloud migration needs.”

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