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Cribl Launches Certification Program to Provide Training and Accreditation to Observability Engineers

Cribl Certified Observability Engineer program sets industry-wide standard to develop and validate observability skills

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — June 28, 2022 — Cribl, the leader in enabling open observability, today launched the Cribl Certified Observability Engineer (CCOE) program. This first-of-its-kind technical certification program aims to set the industry standard for observability lifecycle skills, from planning and design to operating and optimizing. The program provides practitioners with the necessary training and validation of their expertise in the growing observability space. CCOE is free of charge and accessible to all through Cribl University.

As data volumes continue to grow, observability engineers are on the front line, dealing with a deluge of observability data across both IT and security business cases. Being able to effectively and efficiently manage observability data has emerged as a critical role within the world’s largest enterprises, and the CCOE program establishes universal standards for what it means to master the skills of a true observability engineer.

Cribl is launching CCOE to empower anyone in the observability space with a better understanding of the key tools and knowledge of how to unlock the value of all observability data. The CCOE program provides training for producing the shortest time-to-value and cost control for growing data, and offers lab-based training on validated solutions.

“At Cribl, we believe that technical education should be free and accessible to everyone. As the growth of observability and telemetry data accelerates, we’re launching CCOE to meet the growing demand for companies to have in-house experts that can build observability infrastructure that scales,” said Clint Sharp, co-founder and CEO at Cribl. “We’re lowering the barrier to entry by creating a program that serves people of all skill levels. Observability engineers can now distinguish themselves as experts and beginners can break into the observability space for the first time.”

CCOE has launched with two foundational courses:

  1. CCOE Stream User is the foundation-level certification that’s designed to introduce, educate, and validate one’s ability to effectively use Cribl Stream to create an observability architecture that provides organizations with choice of tools and control over all observability and telemetry data.
  2. CCOE Stream Administrator is the next-level certification, and offers a deeper technical dive into reducing, enriching, routing and replaying telemetry data. It builds off the CCOE Stream User certification, and prepares the participant with workforce-ready skills to be the observability data expert within their organization.

“Cribl’s products are quickly becoming the absolute core of any architecture, whether it’s log management, storage, or analysis systems. Having people who can get the most out of the products for our customers is absolutely critical for us,” said Stuart Bowell, Global Head of Observability at NETbuilder. “We need to know they can do the work, and CCOE ensures us they can.”

How to Sign Up for CCOE
To sign up for CCOE, please visit Cribl University, Cribl’s online education platform, and self-enroll in the CCOE certification curriculums. The CCOE program is free of charge and can be accessed at any time and completed at any pace.

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