Announcing Cribl LogStream 2.1: SSO, Event Schema Validation, and a lot more.

Written by Bryan Turiff

January 23, 2020

Today we’re pleased to announce the general availability of LogStream 2.1, featuring a wide variety of improvements and new features. As with all of our updates, we strive to improve the stability and performance of the product.  When we say performance, we really mean it – read more about Building for Multi-Petabyte Scale.   Our 2.1 release addresses many direct requests we received from customers, including new single sign-on integrations and new sources like SNMP Traps.

SSO Authentication

LogStream 2.1 introduces SSO authentication through Open ID Connect.  Users can now sign into LogStream with Google, Okta and other providers.

SSO = one less password to forget


Event Schema Validation

LogStream 2.1 allows you to make better routing and other branching decisions with Event Schema Validation. We’ve added support for validating JSON schemas and enforcing the integrity and structure of JSON events. You can add logic for routing based on the validation outcome. With Event Schema Validation, you can enforce data quality and guard against unexpected changes in schema due to new releases or other environmental changes.

New Sources and Destinations

LogStream is a universal data receiver that allows you to re-use data from existing sources, transform that data and route it to several destinations.  How do you make that better? Add more sources and destinations! And that’s exactly what we did. LogStream 2.1 adds support for direct receiving of SNMP Traps as a new data source. You can also process Cribl Internal Metrics as a regular data source – making it easier to comprehensively monitor a Cribl LogStream deployment with downstream solutions. LogStream can now route time-series metrics to InfluxDB and we’ve also added support for forwarding SNMP Traps to other trap receivers. We now support rate throttling to these and other destinations – giving admins a powerful way to control and police bandwidth utilization by destination.

Other Features 

LogStream 2.1 adds a new Data Generator feature to generate test data to use while testing or evaluating. Also new in 2.1 is support for Global Variables and Expressions – these are re-usable and composable Javascript expressions that can be referenced by any function. There is also added support for Inline Lookups which adds the ability to reference, check and perform lookups in most LogStream functions. Additionally, we’ve added support for support for in-product uploading and managing of SSL/TLS Certificates – in distributed deployments it is now possible for a Master node to distribute certificates to Worker Groups as part of the configuration bundle. Finally, we’ve added lots of UX improvements, including copy and paste for routes, pipelines and functions. Read our 2.1 release documentation for more details.

Wrapping Up

That’ll do it for the 2.1 release. Please download LogStream today for free and process up to 100 GB of data per day at no charge! If you have any questions, use the chat widget here on the site or join our community Slack.

Questions about our technology? We’d love to chat with you.

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