Igor Gifrin

Igor is a Principal Security Solutions Engineer at Cribl. In the past 20+ years he has been helping organizations to find the best, and, more importantly, the simplest solutions to their security and IT problems. He also builds tools like InfoSec app for Splunk used by 5000+ security teams. He is very passionate about getting sense out of all kinds of data, and has very strong opinions about vendors using ML and AI just because it is flashy.

Posts by Igor Gifrin

Cribl Search and Common Schema: Faster, More Accurate Detections

GeoIP Cribl Search

Performing Geolocation Lookups on IP Addresses to Use in Cribl Search

Cribl Search and TInes

Leveraging Tines and Cribl Search for Security Automation

Cribl Stream for InfoSec: VPC Flow Logs – Reduce or Enrich? Why Not Both?

Catching Malicious Log4j/Log4Shell Events In Real Time with Cribl Stream

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