Cribl Co-Founders Pursue WWE Dreams with Diamond Dallas Page as Mentor

Written by Clint Sharp

April 1, 2023

In a recent announcement to the Cribl team, I shared that my co-founders Ledion Bitincka and Dritan Bitincka will be pursuing their lifelong dream of becoming WWE World Tag Team Champions. They will be working at night and on weekends to train and compete in the ring. Former WWE World Champion, Diamond Dallas Page, is acting as a training coach and mentor to Ledion and Dritan. Ledion and Dritan have also enlisted their mom to act as a special guest referee when the time comes as well.

While this may come as a surprise to many team members, the company fully supports their aspirations and wishes them the best of luck in their endeavors. Inspired by a FAFO theme from our 2023 Kickoff, The Bitincka Boys are applying the same principles to this new side passion. While it’s not common for tech company executives to aim to be a pro wrestling tag team, we believe in a culture of empowerment and encourage everyone to pursue their goals.

To ensure that the company’s growth and innovation continue on track, Cribl is bringing on Erlich Bachman and Richard Hendricks as consultants to guide some of the internal work related to future projects. Their experience and expertise are expected to be invaluable to the team! You likely remember their work from Pied Piper – which was a popular compression algorithm.

I want to emphasize to our customers, employees, and investors that Ledion and Dritan’s pursuit of their WWE dreams will not impact their work at Cribl. They remain fully committed to the company and will continue to contribute to its success. However, the company believes in transparency and wanted to inform the team of their intentions.

Two of Cribl’s co-founders pursuing their WWE dreams is a testament to the company’s values of supporting its team members’ passions and ambitions. It is exciting to see what they will accomplish in the ring and how their journey will inspire others at the company!


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