Cribl’s Inaugural Recharge Day: Giving our Goats a ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ Day

Written by Lisa Nielsen

April 17, 2023


Cribl is thrilled to announce our very first “Cribl Recharge Day” – a bi-annual initiative that prioritizes our employees’ well-being and productivity. We understand the importance of time away from work and screens and want to give our team a chance to unwind, recharge, play, and come back to work with renewed energy. While everyone’s Recharge might look different, we are doing this as one team* to ensure everyone is able to truly “recharge”. Our first Recharge Day took place on April 14th, and we encouraged the goats at Cribl to post photos of how they spent their day off using #CriblRechargeDay on LinkedIn. Below are a few of the photos our team shared:

“Our employee refresh days are a nice time to disconnect from work, spend time with family and recharge your battery. I’m thankful to work for an organization that prioritizes mental health.” – Marie Hill

Cribl’s Recharge Day aligns with the benefits of taking breaks from technology, as emphasized by Shilagh Mirgain from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. It can lead to better relationships, increased focus, mindfulness, reduced stress, and better physical health. Our initiative is all about fostering self-care and supporting our employees’ overall mental well-being.

*Customers Are Still First

While most of our team members enjoyed their day off on April 14th, our customer support teams remained fully operational and accessible to our customers. We’ve arranged for these team members to take their Recharge Day in the coming weeks to ensure that everyone has a chance to recharge.

Did you know that goats typically only need 5 hours a sleep a day?!? Well, I’m the odd goat at Cribl that needs more than that! But like goats who are active in mind and body and need exercise and stimulation to thrive, I too need days that stimulate me to thrive. Hence, I cannot wait for Cribl’s Refresh day so I can both sleep in and go do something that stimulates me other than my work here! Thank you Cribl for a Refresh Day!! – Paul Daigle

Wrap Up

We’re committed to creating a positive work environment for our team members to thrive. Cribl’s Recharge Day is just one way we demonstrate this. We’ll also have another Recharge Day in August to ensure that our team has twice the opportunity to unwind and recharge.


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