Can You Solve All the Clues? Try a Cribl Themed Puzzle for National Crossword Puzzle Day

Written by Perry Correll

December 21, 2022

109 years ago today — on December 21, 1913 — the first crossword puzzle appeared in the New York World, with Arthur Wynne credited as the inventor. Crossword-like puzzles actually go as far back as the 1790s. But the 1913 publication started a trend that exploded and continues to this day, as once the interest in crossword puzzles took hold, it quickly became a staple in newspapers not only across the US but worldwide. The prevalence of crossword puzzles in newspapers grew exponentially and Arthur’s invention now appears in almost every daily and weekly periodical. And even those publications and news sources that are totally digital, almost always do they offer crossword puzzles too, and this doesn’t even include the 10s of thousands of puzzle books produced each year.

And now, 100+ years later we are seeing even greater exponential growth in another area, the generation, and analysis of observability data (like that segue?). Talking about observability, also referenced as telemetry data, is a topic near and dear to me and Cribl. So, I figured I will mark this occasion with my own puzzle, with the topic of Cribl and Observability Data. Ok, ok, it’s a little “marketing” but enjoy it anyway and you might even glean some knowledge too.

Try this Observability crossword puzzle (Download PDF to print) and test how well you know about both Cribl and observability.,

Good luck, and when you’re ready, click here for the answer key!


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