Playing in the Sandbox: Not Just for Kids Anymore…

Written by Steve Litras

April 22, 2020

Splunk Universal Forwarder

We originally introduced the Cribl Sandbox with the LogStream Fundamentals course to make it easy to learn the basics of our product. We integrated the course with Accredible to be able to provide completion certificates for those that would like them; The investment of time is significant, and successful completion demonstrates competence with the product worthy of acknowledgment. We’ve received great feedback on the Fundamentals course, and today, I’m happy to announce the availability of a new course that fits the same mold.

Affordable Log Storage in S3

This course is focused on using an objectstore, like AWS S3, as an inexpensive archival storage medium, as described in the “When All I’ve Got is a Hammer” article. Like the Fundamentals course, it is focused on how to apply Cribl LogStream to your observability ecosystem. In this case, that ecosystem includes a Splunk Universal Forwarder, a Cribl LogStream instance, and an S3 compatible ObjectStore, Minio. This course should take about 30-45 minutes for most people to complete. It’s also integrated with Accredible so, if you wish, you can get a completion certificate to share on Linkedin, etc.

Need to Cook? Start with a Recipe…

Questions from customers are frequently for simple how-to’s; “I have data that looks like this, and I need it to look like that“. So we’re going to be doing a number of smaller sandboxes that are more recipe-like; each solving a small problem, requiring a small time investment to learn. These are quick “how-to’s” and due to their size and scope, we won’t be offering certificates for completing them. We’re building them to help practitioners trying to solve specific problems. I’m happy to also announce the availability of the first of these types of courses

Data Shaping in Cribl LogStream

The course walks the learner through all of the steps necessary to “reshape” JSON events, hands-on with a real instance of Cribl LogStream. It starts with a fictional employee event type, which includes a JSON list of employee objects. unrolls them into individual events, and then flattens and rewrites them. This course should take less than 10 minutes. Though the scenario is fictional, it’s similar to some questions we’ve received from customers. We think this is a great way to learn these kinds of things, and invite you to try it out.

Getting There

The Sandbox Selection Screen
The Sandbox Selection Screen

To go through any of our sandbox courses, go the the Sandbox site at https://sandbox.cribl.io/. Enter your email address, select the course you want to go through from the pull down menu, and click Create Sandbox Instance to get started.

We’re always looking for ways to make learning our product easier. Please join our slack community, and let us know about your sandbox experience!

Questions about our technology? We’d love to chat with you.

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