RSAC 2024: New Alliances, Integrations, and Helping Customers Transform their Data Management Strategy

May 13, 2024
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RSA Conference 2024 is in the books! And what an incredible time we had last week  Meeting with customers and partners, introducing new users to our products, and announcing new alliances and integrations with Microsoft, Wiz, and Deloitte. The Cribl team had an amazing last week at RSA Conference, and here are some of our top takeaways from the action-packed conference.

Customer Choice Rules All

As I said in my interview with theCUBE, customers are increasingly wary of data products that lock them in and take away their control over their data. We’ve heard from countless customers that choice and control is critical for controlling rising costs and implementing a data strategy that scales. They want the flexibility to use best-of-breed solutions, both today and into the future. They want the control to manage their data to best fit their unique needs. And security teams in particular need the right tools and the right data to keep their organizations secure and meet the ever-changing compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our approach at Cribl continues to resonate with many of the security professionals we met this week at RSA. Our vendor-agnostic product suite and integrations with the most widely used tools allows them to manage more data with fewer resources, handle shrinking budgets and growing compliance requirements, and manage the complexities of data distributed across global systems and multiple clouds and data centers.

We were also able to share our newest product, Cribl Lake, which helps answer the question, “Where do I store all this data?” Open formats, fast to deploy, the ability to use Cribl Lake and other data lakes. Again, choice is key here as customers look to transform their data management strategy to keep up with the 28% CAGR for data growth.

New Alliances and Integrations

Cribl is an integrations company. We work with all the tools our customers use, and we’re excited to expand our ecosystem this week with Microsoft, Wiz, and Deloitte.

Our new global agreement with Microsoft makes it easier for customers to manage and analyze their IT and security data with the Cribl suite of products in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. There are a lot of benefits to customers here, including the ability for Microsoft Sentinel customers to use Cribl Stream to optimize data and control cost before ingestion into Sentinel. This agreement reinforces the commitment of Cribl and Microsoft to empower security professionals with innovative, purpose-built products and seamless integrations.

We also became a Wiz Integration platform partner, meaning customers can now integrate Wiz into existing workflows using Cribl Stream to extract the most value from their IT and security data. Using Cribl Stream, security teams can retrieve the exact data they need from the Wiz platform, format it for the destination of choice, and route it to multiple platforms (CMDB, SIEM, SOAR, XDR). With the ability to easily move data, users have the flexibility to send data to a lower-cost object storage solution while meeting retention requirements for business or compliance purposes.

We also shared our new strategic alliance with Deloitte, bringing our data processing engine into Deloitte’s SIEM and SOC services. This new alliance offers shared customers Deloitte’s leading security consulting services alongside Cribl’s tools to help clients enhance security postures and transform data strategies.

What’s Next?

RSA is the first major conference of the year, and we’re excited to continue to connect with our customers IRL in the months ahead. Up next is CriblCon in Las Vegas on June 10. It’s a great time to bring our community together, learn from each other, and have some fun along the way. We have some exciting announcements and demos to share with you all, so join us and the Cribl community on June 10 to solve your greatest data mysteries!


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