Webinar Recap: Cribl’s May Product Announcement – Cribl Search

Written by Bradley Chambers

June 10, 2022

Back in late May, we hosted a webinar on the heels of our Series D funding announcement where we also took the wraps off our big product announcement: Cribl Search.

A present reality for almost every enterprise in the world is they have data is everywhere. For IT, SRE, DevOps, and Security teams, investigating a problem involve a lot of different types of data. The traditional three pillars of observability are metrics, logs, and traces. This type of data just scratches the surface, though. Organizations have configuration data, wire data, deployment artifacts, source code, wikis and knowledge bases, etc spread out across countless locations. Much of this data simply won’t fit into the traditional data processing view of the world. It’s too big, too difficult to move, and too costly to move to traditional analytics solutions.

On top of this problem, data is also growing at a 25% CAGR. Enterprises will have 2.5x the amount of data in 5 years they have today. Existing solutions are already too expensive.

Enterprises are demanding that we solve the data accessibility problem:

  • How do we get to data at the edge that it doesn’t make sense to centralize?
  • How do we give users the ability to access data in any data store?
  • How do we get to data that doesn’t fit into traditional data processing tools?
  • How do we make use of our observability lakes without moving data to other tools?

Solving this problem is why we’re building Cribl Search.

Webinar Questions

We had a lot of questions, and we couldn’t cover them all live. We’ve recapped some of the questions below, but there are a lot more that we answered live on the webinar, so you can watch the Cribl Search webinar on-demand at your convenience to hear all of them.

Granting search capabilities across all my tools and data may expose sensitive data to unintended users. Managing the permissions for each endpoint is cumbersome. I’d like to be able to create roles like Cribl Stream masking and obfuscation rules on the Search results.

Masking for Cribl Search is in the plan

Do you know if there would be a free tier of Search like there is with the other Cribl products?

Yes, similar to Stream and Edge, Search will have a free tier. Limits are still TBD at the moment.

Will Cribl publish out-of-the-box searches for the most common use cases?

Yes, we’ll try to ship with sample searches first. Then, over time, start to package common searches/use cases.

How do you expect it to be licensed? Also, what are the short-term/long-term plans for “connectors”?

Initially, Search will be available as part of the Cribl.Cloud suite of products which includes Stream and Edge, you’ll be able to apply Cribl.Cloud credits to search but the exact licensing details are still being worked out.

Is the goal for Cribl Search to replace my existing search tools?

We’re looking to let you search data you don’t currently have the ability to search today. We’re not looking to replace existing tools, but rather be complementary to the tools you’ve already selected.

Who should I bribe to get accepted as a development partner

The social media person accepts donations (just kidding), please apply!

How can administrators manage RBAC across all the endpoints?

We’ll be leveraging some of the technology we had for Edge and Stream to bring this to Search.

How can I learn more about the development progress if I am not selected as a development partner?

We have a sign-up form just for this situation. We can’t wait to share more throughout 2022!

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