Why Did I Join Cribl?

Written by Jackie McGuire

August 2, 2022

Cribl is doing amazing things and solving significant problems. As a data scientist for a cybersecurity startup, I spent countless hours cleaning, deduplicating, and formatting data for my models. Duplicate, redundant, or unnecessary data not only costs more to ingest, store, and query, it also results in a ripple effect in the code base, creating bloat and inefficiency. Nowhere is this data volume and management issue more prevalent than in security, where threats are no longer undetected, but lost in a sea of logs and alerts. When I first discovered Cribl, I was blown away. The tools Cribl has built streamline the entire data management process and help solve complex problems with relative ease.

The impact of Cribl’s ability to reduce data volume and make the collection more efficient goes far beyond technical benefits, it’s also much better for the environment. “The cloud” uses a lot of electricity and water. The more data stored, the more computing power used, and the more electricity and water used. For me personally, this is one of the most critical problems of our generation. The migration to cloud computing has been beneficial in many ways but has also separated the user from the resource impact of their work. I’ve had a single machine learning model spin out of control and run up a $75,000 cloud compute bill in an hour. While this hurt our budget, it also hurt the environment, and I like that Cribl is helping reduce the cloud compute carbon footprint.

Cribl’s Customers Love the Company and the Product

At Cribl, there is a relentless focus on the customer and solutions-based decision-making, which leads to great work. That focus is evident in Cribl’s user community, who are fanatic about the product and the value it provides their organizations. Before joining the company, I attended several security conferences as an industry analyst and got the chance to hear Cribl users discuss the product candidly. I quickly learned that Cribl users are Cribl evangelists. I’ve heard many say they couldn’t manage their data without it, rave about how much it reduced costs, and actively encourage their peers to check it out.

Cribl Is Fun – a Lot of Fun

Full disclosure: I may be biased because I live on a 200-acre ranch with goats, which happen to be the company mascot. That said, Cribl has the best company culture I’ve found in my professional life. While going through the interview process, I was struck by how much everyone I spoke to loved their job, felt empowered to do it in the way they deemed most impactful, and encouraged me to bring my authentic self to work. Diversity and inclusion are essential for the world as a whole, but personally, they are important to me because I believe that diversity of thought, background, and experience produces results that would be impossible in a homogenous environment. I love the weird, wild, diverse team at Cribl and haven’t gone a day without feeling fortunate to be part of the herd. Does this sound like a place you’d like to work? Come join us!

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