Why I Joined Cribl: People, Conviction, and a Vision of the Future

Written by Gunther Hagleitner

March 17, 2022

“Congratulations! What made you decide to join Cribl?”

Well, I’m lucky enough they would have me. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

… alright, in long form:

From my earliest discussions with the Cribl team, it was clear that there was something special about this company. Every single person I spoke with left an impression. They didn’t “just” know their job, their space, and their customers. They cared. They cared about the team, their users, the technology, and also about my experience. I walked away from these conversations with conviction that this team is set out to achieve greatness – for the long run.

I spent a significant amount of time playing with the product suite before I started talking to the team. What tells you more about the values that drive a company than putting yourself in the shoes of the customer? Again I was not disappointed: Clearly the team building this knew who their users were, and how to delight them. The attention to detail stood out, from design to documentation to functionality. Clear and powerful. A very impressive showing.

The considerable growth that Cribl has shown in such a short time had initially surprised me, the more conversations I had with the team, the more it started to make sense. This team didn’t leave anything to chance in giving customers control and choice with their observability data.

What about technology and innovation? That is an important aspect to me, I’ve always drawn a lot of energy from thinking about the technical problems in the data space and being part of the evolution of the technology. Here again, the team did not fail to impress: Being able to discuss details of cloud, database, streaming, and storage with senior leadership and founders at such depth was and is just plain – awesome.

Cribl was founded by engineers, so it’s no surprise that they focus on building out enterprise-grade products with rock-solid technical foundations. Cribl’s streaming solution scales effortlessly to petabytes of data and integrates with any data source or sink. The SaaS platform is well thought out and robust. Collection mechanisms are simple and powerful and the vision to build on this foundation is exciting and innovative. Cribl’s products are and will remain well-positioned to be part of every company’s data strategy.

I’m sure it’s easy to see the excitement about being part of Cribl’s journey with that. The only remaining question was: Would they have me? Lucky for me they did. (If you’d like to join us as well – check out our careers page.)

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