LAS VEGAS, NV // June 10, 2024



Clint Sharp

CEO and Founder, Cribl

Clint spent two decades leading product management and IT operations at technology and software companies, including Splunk and Cricket Communications. As a former practitioner, he has deep expertise in network issues, database administration, and security operations.

Dritan Bitincka

Head of C021 and Founder, Cribl

Dritan has built a career of nearly 20 years as a customer-centric technical leader, having led and trained the Professional Services and BD Tech for AWS teams as a Principal Architect at Splunk. He has designed and implemented hundreds of deployments of large-scale multi-TB distributed systems.

Ledion Bitincka

CTO and Founder, Cribl

Ledion has over a decade of engineering experience developing next generation technologies and leading the launch of enterprise products. He was the Advanced Development Architect at Splunk where he introduced Search-Time Schema and led the design of Hunk and SmartStore.

Abby Strong

Chief Market Officer, Cribl

Abby has spent over 20 years at high velocity tech companies, connecting people, ideas, and technology together to create business-changing outcomes. Her technical background gives her a deep understanding of how to passionately market across varied audiences.

Ed Bailey

Principal Technical Evangelist, Cribl

Ed Bailey is a passionate engineering advocate with more than 20 years of experience in instrumenting a wide variety of applications, operating systems, and hardware for operations and security observability.

Chanda Pulliam

Information Security Engineer, Synopsys

Chanda has worked in IT and Information Security for over two decades in roles ranging from engineering and implementation to information security and threat hunting. Over the years, she has managed Exchange Online for large telecom giants, stood up Elasticsearch clusters in the health care industry, and built entire IT teams for large, privately owned businesses.

Jon Rust

Staff Solutions Engineer, Cribl

Jon's been in the log space for almost 30 years, first as an ISP, then as “The Monitoring Guy” at Big Corp. Eventually he landed on Splunk Architect for 14 years before coming to Cribl.

Aaron Wilson

SRE Manager, iHerb

Aaron has 25 years in observability, systems administration, DevOps and more. As the director operations SRE Manager at iHerb, Aaron oversees the infrastructure and overall reliability of a site that offers 30k+ items to 9.5 million customers in 185+ countries.

Jacob Gorney

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Cribl

Jacob is a cloud driven engineer who has dedicated the last decade of his career working with and scaling cloud distributed services. He previously led the adoption of Cribl as a customer and shortly after, joined Cribl to help build the Cribl.Cloud platform.

Josh Biggley

Staff Product Manager, Cribl

Josh is a 25 year veteran in tech with the last 15 years spent designing, implementing, and building, monitoring and observability solutions focused on IT and Cloud operations. His experience includes manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and government operations from pre-seed to Fortune 25 companies.

John Lim

Lead Systems Engineer, Cox Automotive

John has over a decade of data pipelining experience, specializing in Splunk and Cribl Stream. He is currently a Lead Systems Engineer at Cox Automotive, where he tackles end-to-end data solutioning for observability and security use cases. As a former Operations engineer, he also has a strong passion for creating technology processes and writing documentation.

Andre "Dre" Tucker

Senior Staff Technical Marketing Engineer, Cribl

Andre is a Technical Marketing Engineer at Cribl with over 10 years of experience in cybersecurity and human risk management. With a background spanning Splunk, ReliaQuest, and Living Security, he's led many organizations through digital transformation and enhancing security program maturity by focusing on improving detection & response capabilities and reducing human risk.

Roman Trusov

Senior Software Engineer, Cribl

Roman is a passionate software engineer with over 8 years of experience, ranging from research to leading an engineering team in an AI startup. He’s a member of the Cribl Search team, working on backend and observability.

Jenna Eagle

Senior Solutions Engineer, Cribl

Jenna brings expertise in compliance, automation and IT/Security modernization solutions. Having worked as a consultant and pre-sales engineer at Cribl, Splunk and Accenture Federal Services, her focus has been on fast time-to-value, enabling technical teams, and engaging with the community.

Yasmin Hovakeemian

Staff Solutions Engineer, Cribl

Yasmin has over 5 years experience as a pre-sales engineer at both Cribl and Splunk after switching from a practitioner role. She spent 8 years in the Network DevOps space prior to that, working at a Telco.

Alex Burkhart

Alex has spent 20 years driving IT and Cyber solutions for mission critical programs across the federal government and enjoyed the last 10 years defending those programs running a global computer incident response team facing some of the best and brightest our adversaries have to offer.

Sidd Shah

Staff Solution Engineer, Cribl

Sidd Shah, with over 2 years at Cribl, has played a crucial role in aiding global customers. Focused on Cribl Search, he works to streamline data operations. Sidd's prior experience at The Walt Disney Company includes substantial contributions to large data projects and as a ride engineer. His diverse background, from corporate to startup environments, ensures a fresh perspective for attendees at CriblCon, where he'll provide actionable insights for tackling modern data challenges head-on.