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Cribl Edge

Your not-so-secret agent for vendor-neutral unified collection


Dispatch vendor-neutral agents to the edge for central intelligence

Cribl Edge is an intelligent, highly-scalable edge-based data collection system for logs, metrics, and application data. Combined with automatic log discovery and metrics production, Cribl Edge is designed to support today’s modern distributed microservice architectures. Centrally deploy, configure, and manage your agents to easily expand and reduce resource overhead, all while avoiding vendor lock-in with agnostic integrations.

Livin' on the (Cribl) Edge

Consolidate your infrastructure

Replace multiple legacy agents and cut redundant proprietary systems to reduce complexity, shrink attack surfaces, and cut costs.

Centralize and unify management

Say goodbye to those painful, manual upgrades and give control back to your team with a central place for agent management.

Tackle sprawling environments

Get a handle of your dispersed infrastructure with the ability to efficiently deploy and monitor thousands of nodes in days, not weeks.

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reduction in time & effort to upgrade agents

Upgrade the fleet with a single click, eliminating the time-exhaustive individual upgrades of 100s to 1000s of clients

Why Cribl Edge


Feature highlights


Raise your intelligence quotient to the top of the stack.

Edge efficiently gathers and auto-discovers IT and security data at its source. Automatically discover, monitor, and collect host and container metrics, and collect logs from running applications.
Centralized Fleet Management

Monitor and manage now. And now. And even now.

Real-time centralized management of Edge Node Fleets lets you monitor, manage, and configure from a central console offering visual configuration authoring and version control at scale.

Choose any host, source, or destination. It’s up to you.

Deploys on your platform of choice, then collects and explores data from any Linux , Windows or container system. Then forward only selected data to your destination of choice.

Enabling DevOps and SREs like never before

No more struggling with complex configurations for FluentBit/Fluentd, easily deploy Cribl Edge with pre-packaged Helm charts and get enhanced visibility into your Kubernetes environments.

Cribl Edge and Windows: A perfect pair for observability

Cribl Edge on Windows offers an easy-to-use tool for exploring and collecting Windows events with native collectors for Windows logs, and Windows Metrics.

One click access to view host information

Welcome to the future! Simply teleport into a node to directly explore metrics and log data, either collected via the autodiscovery function or manual configuration of any data of interest. Then use the data to perform root-cause analysis or troubleshoot.



Collect, control, and incorporate observability data into any analytics tool or destination – at scale – while keeping costs down. Edge consistently adds new integrations so you can continue to route your data to and from even more sources and destinations in your toolkit. Check out our integrations page for the complete list.

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