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Tool Optimization

In the realm of IT and security, where data quality reigns supreme, even top-tier tools can falter with suboptimal data. Observability data, often riddled with null values, duplicate fields, and low-value information, can be incredibly noisy, making tools less efficient. Enter Cribl Stream. Stream mitigates noise, curtails licensing costs, and alleviates infrastructure pressure, getting the most out of the tools that matter to you. Fear not about data loss during optimization; with Stream, you can refine your data while safeguarding a comprehensive, high-fidelity copy on cost-effective storage.
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Play Video

See it in Action

In this video we explore functions in Cribl Stream that help you get the most out of your analytics tools. You’ll see how to eliminate duplicate fields, null values, and events that provide little analytical value. Filter and screen events for dynamic sampling, and convert log data into metrics for massive volume reduction.  Follow along with the video in your own free Cribl.Cloud account.

Try it Out

Join industry leaders like TransUnion, Autodesk, and Edward Jones in supercharging your analysis tools with Cribl Stream! Curious about what Cribl can do for you? Dive into one of our Sandboxes and discover the power at your fingertips!

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