Livin’ on the Edge With Cribl Edge 4.0: Featuring Improved Scalability, Enhanced Fleet Management, and AppScope Integration

Sri Kotikelapudi
Written by Sri Kotikelapudi

November 9, 2022

Bharath Ram Ramanathan's Image
Written by Bharath Ram Ramanathan

November 9, 2022

Cribl CEO Clint Sharp first announced Cribl Edge in March of 2022. Our SVP of Marketing, Abby Strong, complemented the announcement with a well-rounded blog post discussing why Cribl Edge is the first fully manageable and auto-configurable agent designed to collect telemetry data at scale. Even Aerosmith gave the product a shoutout! Well, not really, but wouldn’t it be fun if it was true? 🙂

Cribl Edge 4.0

We’re thrilled to be back with exciting news about the latest release of Cribl Edge (4.0). We’re giving you an increased ability to collect and process edge data at scale, providing an enhanced management experience, and unlocking new insights you didn’t know existed. If that sounds too good to be true, let’s dive right into the new features.

Deploy Cribl Edge on Tens of Thousands of Nodes

You asked for it and we heard you! Cribl Edge 4.0 enhances scalability from a few hundred Nodes to thousands of Nodes. This means you can deploy more Nodes to bring in more data while spending less time managing it. We’ll continue scaling the product even further in upcoming releases.

Cribl Edge 4.0

Simplify Your Management Experience with Fleet Management

For admins maintaining tens of thousands of Edge Nodes, managing configs can be cumbersome at scale. Even when several hundred of those Nodes share similar characteristics, configuring each one would be a redundant effort. The enhanced user experience for administration combined with configuration inheritance will significantly reduce your time to value. Cribl Edge 4.0 takes the Fleet Management feature to the next level by allowing you to create Subfleets hierarchically. For example, consider having Java server subfleets and Database server subfleets under the parent Linux Fleet, enabling layering configurations from the top level. This includes basic configs like common logging locations, common destinations, etc. The enhanced Fleet Management feature eases management of thousands of Edge Nodes by grouping them into logical Fleets requiring specific sub-configurations.

Cribl Edge 4.0

Unlock New Insights You Didn’t Know Existed with Cribl Edge and AppScope Integration

Cribl Edge + AppScope allows you to collect high-fidelity application data you didn’t know existed. Adding scope – on demand – to any Linux binary captures the telemetry you need in open formats so it’s ready to be processed by Cribl Edge locally or sent to Cribl Stream for further processing. You can also send the data to your downstream log and metric tools for troubleshooting, alerting, and reporting.

Cribl Edge 4.0

We dive deeper into Edge’s AppScope integration in this blog post.


The new Cribl Edge features are just one of the exciting announcements we have in store for you this fall. If you’re interested, sign up at Cribl.Cloud today to try all of our products for free, up to 100 Nodes or 1TB of data per day. Take it for a spin, and we bet you’ll love it! We’d also love to hear from you in our community. Join us to learn more about the newest features in our Cribl suite of products.

If you’d like to dig deeper, the Cribl Certified Observability Engineer (CCOE) certification program offers free industry-leading observability and security data education and knowledge. It exemplifies one’s commitment to mastering the skills and knowledge required to be a true observability engineer. Create your free Cribl University learner account and start your CCOE certification journey.

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