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Nick Heudecker Nov 19, 2020

Why I Joined Cribl

After seven-plus years as an industry analyst at Gartner, I decided it was time to get off the sidelines and get back to building things again. When an opportunity to join Cribl became available, I leapt at the chance.

Clint Sharp Oct 15, 2020

Sequoia Validates Cribl’s Customer Driven Vision with $35 Million Series B Funding

Today I’m pleased to announce Cribl has closed it’s Series B round of funding, raising $35m from Sequoia Capital. CRV also participated, bringing our total capital raised to date to $46m. The investment will be used to bolster go-to-market initiatives, drive data routing and pipeline innovation, and support an aggressive hiring strategy. As part of […]

Clint Sharp Oct 15, 2020

Announcing LogStream Cloud

From the first commit to the LogStream codebase, we intended to launch LogStream as a service. Early on, there was even a debate as to whether to launch the SaaS version first. The conventional wisdom is to build all new products in the cloud, and the market is certainly trending in that direction. However, just […]

Clint Sharp Sep 17, 2020

Data Collection – Listening To Our Customers

From the very start, the Cribl founding team came in with some strong assumptions, which you can even see baked into the name of our first product: LogStream. The founders have been in the logging ecosystem for 30+ combined years, having worked as customers and with customers. We knew organizations wanted to work with log […]

Bryan Turiff Sep 16, 2020

Announcing Cribl LogStream 2.3: Scheduled Data Collection and Collections from REST APIs

System admins have the unenviable task of getting API data into logging tools for analysis. They employ a wide range of tactics to do this –homespun Python scripts, hand-coded batch jobs, and bespoke vendor protocols.   We’ve heard about this challenge from many customers, which is why we’ve expanded our Data Collection feature in Cribl LogStream.  […]

Clint Sharp Jun 30, 2020

The New Cribl LogStream Free: Up to 5TB/Day

Customers of every one of our destinations, like Splunk, Elasticsearch, AWS, Azure, InfluxData, Snowflake, or Databricks, realize more value from their data using LogStream. We’ve had a freely downloadable product at up to 100 gigabytes a day (GB/Day) since the beginning, and thousands of users have downloaded it. However, after talking with many customers and […]

Bryan Turiff Jun 15, 2020

Announcing Cribl LogStream 2.2: Baby Got Batch!

Log search tools found their first traction in the Linux sysadmin community in the mid-00s, helping users troubleshoot problems across dozens or hundreds of systems from a central search bar. For troubleshooting, fresh data is much more valuable –  I need to know what’s happening now.  But, log search tools have many more use cases […]

Steve Litras Apr 22, 2020

Playing in the Sandbox: Not Just for Kids Anymore…

We originally introduced the Cribl Sandbox with the LogStream Fundamentals course to make it easy to learn the basics of our product. We integrated the course with Accredible to be able to provide completion certificates for those that would like them; The investment of time is significant, and successful completion demonstrates competence with the product […]

Clint Sharp Mar 18, 2020

Cribl LogStream Free for Government & Healthcare COVID-19 Responders

Last week, I was in Washington DC meeting with a number of federal agencies in what will likely be one of the last business trips I’ll do for quite some time. In every department of government, agencies are struggling to adapt to our new shelter in place and social distancing reality. The IT and Security […]

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